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Navigating DEERS and CAC Card Registration in Germany

A Guide for PCS Families in the Kaiserslautern Military Community


For U.S. military and civilian personnel PCSing to Germany, one of the frst administrative tasks is registering in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) and obtaining a Common Access Card (CAC). This guide provides essential information on where and how to complete these processes at Ramstein Air Base and Kleber Kaserne.

Understanding DEERS and the CAC Card

DEERS is a database of military sponsors, families, and others worldwide who are entitled to TRICARE and other benefts. The CAC card, a key component of accessing these benefts, is used for physical access to installations and buildings and for secure access to government computers and networks.

DEERS Registration and CAC Card Issuance

Ramstein Air Base

  • Location for DEERS/CAC Services: Building #2106, room 117.
  • Appointments: Strongly recommended to ensure a smooth process.
  • Required Form: DD Form 1172-2, which verifes eligibility for military benefts, including medical, dental, education, and housing.

Kleber Kaserne Army Base

  • Location for DEERS/CAC Services: Building #3245, room 113.
  • Appointments: Advised to reduce wait times and streamline the process.
  • Required Form: DD Form 1172-2 is necessary here as well.

Securing the DD Form 1172-2 for your CAC card is an essential frst step in your PCS journey to Germany. This foundational process paves the way for completing other vital in-processing tasks. To facilitate a seamless transition, it’s advisable to reach out to your unit or HR representative well in advance.

Obtaining the DD Form 1172-2

  • The DD Form 1172-2 is a critical document for DEERS registration and CAC card issuance.
  • This form can be completed online through the MilConnect website

( and must be signed by the sponsor or a certifying ofcial.

  • Once completed, it should be printed and brought to the appointment along with other required identifcation documents.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

  • A completed and signed DD Form 1172-2.
  • Two forms of ID (one must be a government-issued photo ID).
  • Any other documents as instructed by the DEERS ofce when you schedule your appointment.

Scheduling an Appointment

  • Visit the respective base’s DEERS/CAC ofce website or call their ofce to schedule an appointment.
  • Ensure all required documents are ready and up-to-date before your appointment.

Tips for a Smooth Process

  • Schedule Early: Book your appointment as soon as you arrive to avoid delays in accessing services.
  • Documentation: Double-check that you have all the necessary documents to prevent multiple trips.
  • Updating Information: Keep your DEERS information current, especially after life events like marriage, birth, or divorce


Registering in DEERS and obtaining a CAC card are essential steps when PCSing to Germany. Understanding the process and preparing beforehand will help ensure a smooth transition to your new assignment at Ramstein Air Base or Kleber Kaserne.