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Understanding who the Point of Contact (POC) for Your Rental Property in Germany is?

A Guide for PCS Families in the Kaiserslautern Military Community


Moving to Germany and settling into a new rental can be an exciting yet challenging experience, especially for tenants who have undergone a Permanent Change of Station (PCS). One critical aspect that often gets overlooked in the hustle of moving is establishing your primary Point of Contact (POC) for the rental property. Understanding who this person is and their role is crucial for a smooth and hassle-free stay.


The Role of Your Realtor

Initially, your realtor plays a pivotal role in negotiating terms, and assisting with the move-in process. They act as a mediator between you and the landlord, ensuring both parties agree to the terms and conditions of the rental contract. However, it’s important to note that once the lease is signed and you’ve moved in, the realtor’s direct involvement typically ends.


Identifying Your Point of Contact

Post move-in, for any concerns, repairs, or property-related issues, it’s essential to know who your designated POC is. This individual is your go-to for any future communications regarding the property. It could be:

  • The Landlord: Often the first point of contact for any issues or queries.

  • A Property Management Group: Some landlords hire companies to manage their properties.

  • The Realtor: In some cases, the realtor may continue to act as a liaison.

  • Landlord’s Relative or Friend: Sometimes, the landlord delegates this responsibility.

Upon moving in, make it a priority to inquire who your POC is. Clarify how communication will be handled, be it through phone calls, emails, or messaging platforms like WhatsApp.


Efficient Communication

Once you’ve established your POC, direct communication with them is usually faster and more effective than reaching out to your realtor. Ensure you understand the preferred method of communication of your POC, whether it’s email, phone calls, or texts.

Keeping Records

A pro tip for a trouble-free tenancy and a smooth move-out process is to maintain a record of all communications regarding your property. Save emails, WhatsApp messages, texts, or any other correspondence related to repairs, agreements, or concerns. This documentation can serve as a valuable reference in case of any disputes or misunderstandings during your occupancy or when you decide to move out.


Establishing who your Point of Contact is post-move-in is a crucial step for a seamless experience in your new German home. Remember, while realtors are instrumental during the initial phase, your POC is your main contact for any property-related issues thereafter. Keeping a well-documented record of all communications can further safeguard your interests and ensure a pleasant stay in your new rental.