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Comprehensive 10-Step Guide for a Smooth PCS Move Out of Germany.

A Guide for PCS Families in the Kaiserslautern Military Community

1. Flight Arrangements: Once PCS orders are received, promptly secure your flight bookings to ensure availability and suitable travel dates.

2 . Landlord Notification: Inform your landlord about your departure by giving at least a 30-day notice, adhering to the terms of your lease agreement.

3. Utility Cancellation: Contact your utility providers to schedule the discontinuation of services, aligning with your move-out date to avoid unnecessary charges

4. Sell Unneeded Items on BooKoo: Utilize the BooKoo App to sell appliances and items not needed or compatible with your next location. This helps incoming families and reduces your shipment load

5. Plan Shipment Days: Organize separate days for picking up unaccompanied baggage and household goods to streamline the process

6. Accommodation Arrangements: Book either on-base lodging or a Temporary Lodging Accommodation (TLA) well in advance to ensure you have a place to stay during the transition

7. Vehicle Preparation: Get your Personal Operating Vehicle (POV) ready for shipment. Remember, many TLA providers offer interim vehicles, which can be particularly useful during out-processing

8. Unit Out-processing: Complete all necessary out-processing tasks with your current unit to ensure all official procedures are fulfilled.

9. Rental Property Turnover: Engage with your landlord to agree on the condition and terms for handing over your long-term rental property, ensuring a smooth transition without disputes.

10. Airport Transportation: Book your airport transfer with reliable services like KMC Airport Shuttle to ensure a stress-free journey to the airport with timely pickups.


Following these steps meticulously can greatly ease the PCS process out of Germany, making your transition to the next station as smooth as possible.