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Understanding the Importance of an IBAN Account for Property Rentals in Germany

A Guide for PCS Families in the Kaiserslautern Military Community


When relocating to Germany, Department of Defense (DoD) civilians and active duty members face the crucial task of finding a suitable Long Term Rental (LTR). To navigate this process effectively, it’s important to ask the right questions that address all facets of your potential new home and living situation. This guide presents a comprehensive list of essential questions designed to streamline your LTR search and ensure a smooth transition into your new German residence. From understanding post-move-in communication to coordinating move-in dates and assessing neighborhood amenities, these queries will help you cover all bases in your housing search.



When PCSing to Germany, American DoD civilians and active duty members should be thorough in their search for a Long Term Rental (LTR). Here is a list of essential questions to consider:

Post move-in Point of Contact: After signing a rental agreement, it’s important for tenants to understand the shift in communication dynamics. Unless specifically indicated otherwise, all future interactions regarding repairs, maintenance, and rental payments will be directly between the tenant and the landlord. The responsibility for maintaining open and effective communication about property-related issues then falls squarely on the tenant and landlord. “Who should I contact regarding rental property issues?”

Personal Vehicle Arrival: Many TLA’s offer a vehicle until your Personal Operational Vehicle (POV) arrives. You should consider, “How will the timing of my personal vehicle’s arrival affect my TLA-provided vehicle options?”

Household Goods (HHG) Delivery: “Will I need to wait for my HHG to arrive when I move-out of my furnished TLA unit? Can I negotiate my move-in date or seek temporary furniture from (FMS) if move-in date precedes arrival date?”

Pet Policy: “Are pets allowed in the property, and if so, are there any specific restrictions or additional fees?”

Move-In Date Coordination: “Can the agreed-upon move-in date be adjusted to align with the arrival of my HHG and personal vehicle?”

Total Cost Breakdown: “What is the total cost of the home, including charges for the garage, additional parking, heating, and maintenance, which may not be covered in the basic rent?”

Tenant Responsibilities: “What are my responsibilities as a tenant in terms of home maintenance (yard) and conditions required upon moving out?”

Move-In Inspection: “Can we conduct a thorough move-in property inspection to document the current state and ensure any existing damages are recorded?”

Utility Costs and Arrangements: “What utilities am I responsible for, and what is the typical cost? How are utility payments arranged?”

Neighborhood and Local Amenities: “What are the neighborhood’s characteristics, and what local amenities (like schools, shopping, medical facilities) are available nearby?”

Lease Terms and Conditions: “What are the specific terms and conditions of the lease, including the duration, renewal options, and any early termination clauses?”

Emergency Maintenance Support: “What is the process for handling emergency maintenance issues? Is there a contact available for urgent repairs?”

Internet and Cable Services: “Are internet and cable services already set up in the property, and how can I arrange for these services?”

These questions will help ensure that all necessary aspects of housing are considered, making the transition to a new home in Germany as smooth as possible.