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Benefits of a TLA Stay During PCS: Immobilien Hauf’s Comprehensive Services

A Guide for PCS Families in the Kaiserslautern Military Community

When PCSing to or out of Germany, selecting a TLA from Immobilien Hauf brings numerous advantages, enhancing your transition to your next duty station:

  • Vehicle Inclusion: Essential for completing in/out-processing, finding a long term rental (LTR) and exploring, especially after shipping your POV when PCSing out of Germany.

  • Home Comforts: Our TLAs feature fully equipped kitchens and amenities for a relaxing, home-like atmosphere.

  • Strategic Locations: Proximity to area bases for easy access to services and local attractions.

  • In and Out Processing Assistance: We offer personalized support to guide you with in/out processing procedures, simplifying your transition.

  • Sponsor/Unit in-processing Assistance: Units short on staff can rely on Immobilien Hauf to work in tandem with your team/unit to assist tenants with their in-processing needs.

  • Stress-Free Experience: Our goal is to provide a seamless and comfortable relocation process.


Choosing Immobilien Hauf’s TLA for your PCS ensures not just comfort and convenience but also essential support and guidance during your move.