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Efficiently Scheduling Property Viewings in Germany

A Guide for PCS Families in the Kaiserslautern Military Community


Relocating to Germany, whether as civilian personnel or active duty members, involves the crucial task of finding a long-term residence amidst adapting to a new country, combating jet lag, and in-processing at work. A significant part of this process is scheduling viewings with German realtors. This blog offers practical tips to streamline your house hunting, ensuring that you find a suitable home efficiently.


1. Research the Village Before Contacting Realtors

Before arranging a viewing, take time to research the village or area where the property is located. Evaluate if the commute aligns with your lifestyle and work location. Often, clients schedule viewings only to immediately reject the property due to its location. A little upfront research can save valuable time and effort.


2. Organize Your Property Requests

When reaching out to realtors, you’re likely to send multiple inquiries. To avoid confusion, keep a list of the properties you’re interested in, noting key details like location, size, and special features. This organization will prevent haphazard requests and help you keep track of which realtors you have contacted and for which properties.


3. Be Mindful of Viewing Appointments

If a realtor schedules a viewing, remember that the property might not be available by your appointment time if another interested party decides to take it. Be prompt and serious about the viewings you arrange. If you can’t make it due to work or personal reasons, understand that you might miss the opportunity to consider that property.


4. Respect the Current Tenants’ Schedules

Many properties are still occupied by tenants who are PCSing to their next duty station. Realtors must adhere to these tenants’ schedules for viewings. If you cannot make the scheduled time, rescheduling can be challenging as it requires coordinating again with the current tenant. Flexibility and understanding in these situations are key.


5. Know Your Renting Budget

Before scheduling viewings, be clear about your rental budget. It’s not uncommon for clients to arrange viewings for properties outside their financial range. Knowing your budget beforehand helps avoid wasting time on unsuitable properties and focuses your search on feasible options.



Finding the right home in Germany requires a strategic approach to scheduling property viewings. By researching locations beforehand, organizing property requests, respecting viewing appointments and current tenants’ schedules, and being clear about your budget, you can make the most of your house-hunting efforts. With these tips, your journey to finding the perfect home in Germany can be as efficient and stress-free as possible.