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Navigating School Enrollment for DoDEA Schools in Ramstein, Kaiserslautern, Sembach, Landstuhl, and Vogelweh

A Guide for PCS Families in the Kaiserslautern Military Community


Adjusting to a new environment can be challenging, especially when it involves enrolling your children in school. For those stationed in Ramstein, Kaiserslautern, Sembach, Landstuhl, and Vogelweh, the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools offer quality education options. This guide is designed to streamline your school enrollment process.

Enrollment Process

  1. Visit the DoDEA Website:

To begin, visit DoDEA’s ofcial website for enrollment forms and instructions.

Documents Required for Enrollment

Ensure you have these documents ready:

  • Parent ID
  • Student’s Social Security Number
  • Shot Record
  • Previous school records/address
  • Birth Certifcate/Passport (Kindergarten & 1st Grade)
  • Vaccination certifcate/records
  • Initial Registration paperwork
  • PCS orders
  • Proof of residence at TLA

Contact Information for Schools in Different Locations


  • Elementary School: Unit 3240, CIV: 06371-47-3996, DSN: 314-480-3996
  • Intermediate School: Unit 3241, CIV: 06371-47-6021/6023, DSN: 480-6021/6023
  • Middle School: Unit 3242, CIV: 06371-47-7104, DSN: 314-480-7104
  • High School: Unit 3243, CIV: 0637-147 6951/6952, DSN: 314-480-6951/6952


  • Elementary School: Gebaude 3300, Kaiserslautern, AE 67661, CIV: 011-49-0611-143-545-1400, DSN: 312-545-1400
  • Middle School: Unit 3011, Vogelweh Bldg 1032 APO, AE 09021, CIV: 0611-143545-1325, DSN: 314-545-1325
  • High School: Unit 3010, APO, AE 09021 09005, CIV: 0611-143-545-1425


  • Elementary/Middle School: Unit 29060, Box 23 APO, AE 09136, CIV: 611-143-545-1100, DSN: 314-545-1100


  • Elementary School: Unit 3009, Box 435 APO, AE 09021, CIV: +49 (0) 611-143-545-1475


  • Elementary School: Building 3400, 4th Avenue, 67661 Kaiserslautern, CIV: 0611 1435451475

Additional Resources

Visit the DoDEA Newcomer’s Page for more information on initial registration, transition assistance and or policy udpates.


Enrolling your child in a DoDEA school in any of these locations is a signifcant step in settling into your new environment. Each school is dedicated to providing quality education and support for your children, ensuring a smooth transition for your family.