There are multiple options for Temporary Lodging once you arrive in Germany. The abbreviation (TLA/TLF) is used interchangeably to describe temporary lodging facilities.  Essentially it is lodging used in the interim while you search for a (LTR) long term lodging for your PCS to Germany. Each lodging option provides their own set of pros and cons. We will compare and contrast each lodging option to help you determine which temporary living space fits your needs. 

(TLA/TLF) Temporary Living Facility

Off-Base TLF:

  • Most TLA’s offer modern designs, fully furnished units with all the necessities for transitioning to Germany. 
  • Personal washer and dryer. 
  • Options for cars depending on the TLF company you choose.  We offer TLA vehicles. 
  • Most TLA’s should be within a reasonable driving distance to most  military installations throughout the (KMC) Kaiserslautern Military Community. 
  • Most allow pets, and have yard space for children/pets.
  • Lodging per diem rates. 

Each TLA company’s amenities, locations and property sizes will vary but we at Immobilien Hauf try to focus on each tenant’s specific needs. 

On-Base TLF:

  • Functional and furnished facilities.
  • Laundry room in each unit.
  • Vehicle NOT provided.  
  • Ability to rely upon the convenience and familiarity of base services.
  • May be located on the same duty station.
  • Allow pets if rooms are available, with a fee.

Off-Base Hotels

  • Semi-furnished, limited space.
  • Most without a full kitchen.
  • No laundry in the room but dry cleaner options may be available.
  • May be within walkable distance to public transportation (bus/train).
  • Might allow pets for a fee.

Narrowing down your selection based on needs, helps determine what suits you best! From my own personal experience, we PCS’d to Germany with a family of five and a puppy.  Our experience with a TLA was stress-free. We landed in mid-summer and our temporary lodging was conveniently located in a village that offered yard space for outdoor activities, and easy access to walkable/riding trails. We were able to begin exploring Kaiserslautern city with a car that was provided by our TLA.

In conclusion, each temporary lodging facility option has its pros and cons, and the best choice depends on one’s individual’s needs. For those PCSing with a family and a pet, off-base TLF/TLA may be the best option with its spacious living space and provided vehicles. However, those who prioritize convenience and familiarity with base services may prefer an on base TLF or on-base hotel.