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Maximizing Savings with UTAP: A Guide for DoD Personnel and Active-Duty Members Seeking Off-Base Housing

A Guide for PCS Families in the Kaiserslautern Military Community


Military employees/members residing off-base in Germany can significantly reduce their utility bills through the Utility Tax Avoidance Program (UTAP). This program offers legal tax relief on utilities, an essential financial benefit during your stay in Germany.


Key Benefits of UTAP

  • Tax Savings: Save up to 19% VAT on electricity and natural gas, and 7% on water.
  • Eligibility: Open to US Armed Forces members under the SOFA agreement, for metered utilities in the sponsor’s name.
  • Wide Coverage: Contracts with numerous utility companies around Kaiserslautern.


Enrollment Process

  • Application: Complete the UTAP application form.
  • Required Documents: Bring your orders, IBAN information, rental agreement (or deed), and a $99 fee.
  • Power of Attorney: Needed if someone other than the sponsor is applying.
  • Appointment: Schedule your meeting with the UTAP office.


Additional Information

  • VAT and UTAP Briefing: Schedule a briefing to understand how both programs benefit service members.
  • UTAP Office Location: Building 2118, room 118 – Ramstein Air Base.
  • Contact: DSN 480-5309 or 06371-47-5309; Email



UTAP is an invaluable resource for DoD personnel living off-base in Germany, offering considerable savings on utility expenses. Prepare the necessary documents and schedule an appointment to take advantage of this program.